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Plase call us on (0) 203 376 9600 to speak to our Customer Support team for any quaries on your existing booking with us.
You can also email us at
If you are trying to reach us from outside UK please call us at +44 203 376 9600
We know that your holiday is everything that you have been looking for. We are continually looking for the ways to improve our service and your feedback is a vital part for that.

Have you travelled with Was there any part of our service that you were particularly impressed with or do you feel that we could have done more to meet your individual requirements?

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Frequently Asked Questions
Name changes:
1. I have mistyped the passengers names, how can we change to correct names?
Answer: The airlines do not allow the changing the names once the Reservation is created. In exceptional cases, few airlines allow to change one or two characters in the name as long as phonetic is not too different from the one originally booked with a fee. The admin fee of GBP75/- is applicable for these name changes where Airlines permits.
2. I have mistyped or not selected the right title for the passenger while making the booking. How do we change the title?
Answer: The airlines do not allow the changing the names once the reservation is made. In exceptional cases, few airlines allow to change the title where the seats are available on the same price. If the same price is not available, then, the new higher fare plus penalties are applicable. The admin fee of GBP75/- is applicable for the title changes.
3. My First name and Middle name been combined with out the space. How can I correct it?
Answer: Some reservation systems still not accepting the space in between the First name and Middle name. Rest assured, this will not cause any issue for your travel by Airlines or Immigration.
Date Changes:
1. I have booked the flights and I want to change the out bound date or Inbound date or both. How do go about it.
Answer: You can change the dates as long as Airline allows on the ticket issued. All economy class tickets and most of the business and first class tickets attracts the penalty charges for the travel date changes. If the new travel dates has the higher the price than earlier travel dates, then, the new price as well need to be added. The admin fee of GBP75/- applicable to all the date changes.
You can email us on to make the travel date changes 'or' alternatively call us on 02033769600.
1. I have booked the Flights or Holidays and I want to cancel the flights and get the refund. How do I cancel the flights?
Answer: Most of the Airline tickets are not refundable. Please write to well before 48hours to cancel the flights or holidays. only accepts the written email or letter to process the refunds. We refund the amount back to passenger payment card once we receive the refund from Airlines. The average time it takes to process the refund is 40 days.
Schedule Change:
1. I have been told my flight is cancelled or postponed or preponed by Airline. Why it happened and what options do I have?
Answer: After making the flight booking well in advance and to be told that the planned flight is no longer available do create a bad feelings about Airlines and 9Flights. In some cases, Its further grews up when to be asked to make the extra payment for the alternative dates thats been offered.
We request you to understand that 9Flights is just a Travel agent and we follow the Airline guide lines. And we work in the interest of our customers to protect them and minimise the inconvenience.

2. What 9Flights can do in the Schedule Change instances?
a. First, we will try to minimise the disruption to your travel plans. We try to accommodate you on the alternative flights on the same day and within the same timings. However its not always possible because of the logistics involved, number of airlines flies to destination and the price.

In these schedule change instances, 9Flights offers you the alternative dates 'or' alternative airlines with minimal inconvenience. Sometimes, the alternatives dates 'or' alternative airline options may ask you to make the extra payment for the fare difference. Alternatively, you can opt for the full refund where applicable.

Note: Airlines do have the right to cancel or postpone or prepone the flights for operational reasons. If Airlines do so, then Airlines will offer the alternatives dates where you can fly on the same fare where available. If the same fare is not available for your chosen alternative date, then, Airlines will ask you to make the payment for the new fare difference. Alternatively, you have right to cancel the flight and get the full refund where the flights is not been used. Please send us the email to asking for cancelation of the flights and we will refund the amount. The average refund time is 40 days.
1. How do I know what is my checked in baggage?
Answer: All the 2nd confirmations emails will have the baggage allowance mentioned. If the baggage allowance is not mentioned then the Airline will not allow any checked in baggage free of charge. Probably you can buy direct from the Airline by paying the excess baggage charges.
Excess Baggage:
1. I want to add more baggage than I am allowed free of charge?
Answer: Please contact the Airline concerned. does not deal with excess baggage queries.
Visa & Travel documents:
1. I am not sure whether I need a visa before arriving into the destination country. How do I check?
Answer: Please contact the relevant embassy before purchasing the flight ticket. Sometimes the may help.
2. Why don't you accept the payment over the phone? Why you only accept the payment online?
Answer: There is 2 reasons. 1. We want to show you the itinerary, passenger names that's been entered in the Airline reservation system before you make the payment. If there is any error, then, we will rectify before you make the payment. 2. To protect your card details. You don't need to disclose your card details to any one over the phone. Your card details will be more secure by paying online in compare to accepting the payment over the phone.
3. sent me email asking to make the payment online but I cannot see the itinerary. What shall I do?
Answer: Do not make the payment where you cannot see your itinerary. We do accept the payment in exceptional cases where you have seen your itinerary including passenger names in other means like email, printed letter or SMS/Text messages.
4. I have purchased the Travel Insurance and I want to cancel it. How do I do it?
Answer: You can cancel the insurance by replying all to the email confirmation that you have received with in 14days. Please do click on Reply All in your email for cancelation of travel insurance.
Alternatively, please send the cancelation request to EMail or letters only accepted to cancel the insurance.
5. Its more than 48 hours and I have not received my 2nd EMail confirmation. What shall I do?
Answer: We keep every effort to send the 2nd email as soon as possible with in the time frames. However, in small % percentage of instances, it may get delayed in peak season. Please do check in your Spam or Junk folders of your email before contacting us. If you have not received the 2nd email, then please call us on +44(0)2033769600 or email us at
6. I have a complaint to make, how do I make?
We are improving our quality of services. In exceptional very few instances, probably we missed your expectations. Please do write to us on We work on all our complaints and our customer services team will be keeping you updated on the progress made.
7. I have missed the out bound flight but I want to use the Inbound flight, can I do that?
Answer: Airlines auto cancels the rest of the travel segments where passenger not travelled on earlier segments. For example, passenger travelling on 23Mar from London to New York and returning on 30Apr. If the passenger not travels on 23Mar, then, the 30Apr New York to London is auto cancelled by Airlines.
Most airlines follow no refund rule on No Show tickets. Those airlines allows the refund as well ask to pay higher penalties on No Show Tickets.
8. I have arrived late to check in counter 'or' I have missed the flight, what shall I do?
Answer: Call us as soon as possible. Where possible let us know that you are going to miss the flight and ask for last minute cancelation. If the airline allows, then, we will cancel your flight where possible. If we can cancel the flight then you will be saving on the no show penalties. On Average No Show penalties are GBP150 to GBP200 pounds.