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Antigua Travel Guide
Antigua's tourist office boasts that the island has 365 beaches, 'one for each day of the year'. It has great reefs and wrecks for diving and snorkelling. On neighbouring Barbuda you can track the island's fabled frigate birds and visit the Caribbean's largest rookery.
Festivals Place to Visit Fast Facts
Crop Over
Barbados spent many years as the most important sugar-producing island of the Caribbean. This festival began as a way to celebrate the end of the sugar production process, but by the mid 20th century, Crop Over was no longer celebrated. The Barbadian people reinstated the festival in the 1970s as an important piece of their own heritage. Many compare Crop Over to a Mardi-Gras style celebration.

Patron Saints
During nearly any week throughout the year, you can find a town on Puerto Rico holding a festival for its patron saint. These religious festivals begin in the church and later overflow into the streets where vendors and celebrants make a day out of it, even crowning a king and queen. These celebrations last for 10 days in each town, and towns with the same patron saint generally have the same festival dates. This is also a time when former residents of a town return. During the weekdays, these festivals begin in the afternoon.

This St. Lucian festival is one of the best-known weekly events in the Caribbean. Each Friday night, Gros Islet takes to the streets with music and vendors. An opportunity to sample St. Lucian barbecue should not be missed. You can dance to local music and enjoy tropical, fruity drinks.

"Jonkonnu, also spelled Junkanoo, is a festival celebrated widely in the British islands, and it is especially popular in Jamaica and The Bahamas.

Its name is derived from a real person, who was an African named John Canoe (John Konny, to some). A prince and slave trader, he was said to have outwitted the British in the 17th century and taken control of a Fort. He terrified the British and Dutch slave traders, and so became a hero of the slaves"