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Belgium Travel Guide
"If Belgium's spotlight on the European stage is a little dim, it's only because its people are rarely boastful. This slow-burning country has more history, art, food and architecture packed into its tiny self than many of its bigger, louder neighbours.

A rich and bubbling vat of beer, chocolate, oil paint and bureaucrats, Belgium gives off the heady pong of the bourgeoisie. But stir the pot a little and you'll find an 'artificial state' roughly made up of two parts Germanic Flemings to one part Celtic-Latin Walloons."
Festivals Place to Visit Fast Facts
Ommegang Festival Brussels
Take a seat on the tiered stands or lean on the low barriers and find yourself transported to 1549. Every year in July, the lavish Ommegang procession commemorates the tribute paid to Emperor Charles V and his VIP guests. Richly-colored costumes, horses, embroidered banners, flag throwing and stilt jousting - this big event inevitably ends in general jubilation all around the Grand Place.

Carnival de Binche - Binche
For 3 days in February the town of Binche is transported back to the 16th century for a fantastic festival. Highlighted by music parades and fireworks, the climax of this event is when the Gilles appear on the Grand Place and throw oranges to the spectators. This infamous festivity has been classified by UNESCO along with its renowned Gilles.

Procession of Holy Blood Bruges
This annual event takes place in May and is divided into 4 parts: Old Testament, New Testament, Historical Section, and veneration of the Holy Blood. Since the 12th century the numerous brotherhoods and associations of the city of Bruges venerate and pay homage to the Holy-Blood. Tickets for this event must be reserved well in advance.

Stavelot (Mid-lent Carnival) Stavelot
"This spectacular event takes place in March and is
highlighted by the Blanc Moussi, which means clad in white. Beginning on Sunday, the Blancs Moussis wander the streets of the town putting up their irreverent posters. In the afternoon they step out from the cortge while staying on their floats and shower the crowds with confetti while flogging them with pork bladders."

Zinneke Parade - Brussels
The Zinneke parade, also known as Big Z-Day, has been appearing biennially on the streets of Brussels since the year 2000. It is a street opera of music, choreography, costumes and floats - all done without combustion engines or deafening music.

Ghent Festival - Ghent
Every year in July the inhabitants of Ghent go out of their mind during the medieval Ghent festivities, a ten-day popular event with no equal. People sing, dance, eat and drink, get together and watch theater. Free feasts take place on several squares where the lovely inner-city turns into a whirlpool of cultural high tech and atmosphere.