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France Travel Guide
France, the land of Eiffel Tower, is among the top rated holiday destinations in Europe. The exotic French culture, architecture, wide selection of cuisine and ofcourse the French wine will definitely make your vacation in France a memorable one. There are many things to explore while your trip to France.
Festivals Place to Visit Fast Facts
Cannes Film Festival:
"The Cannes Film Festival (French: le Festival de Cannes), founded in 1939, is one of the world's oldest, most influential and prestigious film festivals. The private festival is held annually (usually in the month of May) at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrs, in the resort town of Cannes, in the south of France.

The 61st Annual Cannes Film Festival will be held 14 to 25 May 2008."

Festival of the Pig - La Pourcailhade:
La Pourcailhade is a one-day festival held around the 15th of August in Trie sur Base in the Hautes-Pyrnes, one of the main pig-producing areas of France. It is the world's foremost pig-based event and has been for many years the intention of the Tongs to visit. The festival has grown and grown in recent years and involves many exciting events and attractions. For example, there is a black pudding eating competition, a piglet race, and a fancy-dress competition. The main event is a competition involving the imitations of the noises a pig makes during its life; when it's born, when it's castrated and having sex, and when it dies. After all that there is drinking, live music, and general megafun. The event is organised by La Confrrie du Cochon, or the Brotherhood of the Pig.

International Garden Festival:

"France's premier horticultural event rivals the Chelsea Flower Show for its spectacular displays and innovative themes.

Held in the magnificent Loire Chateau, the International Garden Festival is grand in every sense.

Not many buildings can claim to have been owned by a de Medici and have architecture that dates back to the 15th century.

Around 150,000 people attend the festival throughout its opening season, visiting 30 show gardens and the chateau's landscaped hideaways.

Each year the festival is given a theme and last year the organisers aimed to explore playing in the garden and enjoying horticulture.

There are some spectacular show gardens around the chateau, including a deep gorge with a wooden bridge suspended over it. A waterfall rockets down the side of the gorge and wild flowers sparkle in the damp residue.

There is also a large flower house, which holds a variety of orchids grown by the chateau staff over the course of the year."

Tour de France:
The Tour de France started in 1903, and is the world's biggest cycling race. It is a 23-day, 21-stage road race that is usually run over more than 3,000 km (1,864 mi). The route traces a circuit around most areas of France, and often passes through one or more neighbouring countries. The race is broken into stages from one town to another, each of which is an individual race. The time taken to complete each stage is added to a cumulative total for each rider, to decide the outright winner at the end of the Tour.