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Germany Travel Guide
Germany is one of the most popular destinations in Europe bringing millions of tourists into it's rich culture every year. Experience new things, have fun and relax.Vibrant cities with amazing architecture, fabulous shopping and pulsating nightlife. Enchanting medieval villages and traditional wine villages with friendly festivals and regional specialities. Picturesque countryside which is perfect for walking or simply relaxing in. Castles, palaces and abbeys that are the epitome of German romanticism. Fun & sport, wellness & relaxation.
Festivals Place to Visit Fast Facts
Germany is a country full of traditions and festivals, all year around you will find a possibility to have fun with the public festivities. Germanys rich musical heritage is showcased in a number of prominent festivals, such as the Thuringian Bach Festival in March or the Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth in July. Jazz festivals in Stuttgart (April) and Berlin (November) are lively and popular. Autumn highlights include the famous Oktoberfest, Munichs annual beer bash. Christmas fairs occur in Munich, Nuremberg, Lbeck, Berlin, Mnster and Heidelberg, among other places.