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Haiti Travel Guide
Haiti is a poverty-stricken land of urban overpopulation, denuded hillsides and a people suffering the wounds of civil strife and oppression. It is also a vibrant country of colourful art, fantastic music, cloud forests and an intensely spiritual people whose humour and passion are legendary.
Festivals Place to Visit Fast Facts
Carnival and Rara
The most festive time of the year in Haiti is during Carnival (or Mardi Gras). The festivities start a couple of days before Ash Wednesday and take place in the capital, Port-au-Prince. The days are filled with music, parade floats and people dancing and singing in the streets. The three-day carnival that ends on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday is traditionally a time of all-night parties and escape from daily life.

Drapo Art
Drapo Art is another religious festival that is celebrated in Haiti but on a small scale. The followers of the Voodoo religion usually celebrate this festival. In this celebration voodoo flags are painted and are magnificently decorated. The paintings that are made on the flags are considered to be sacred and they take uncountable days to be done perfectly.

Krik! Krak! Festival
"Krik! Krak! Festival is a family oriented Haitian celebration that generally revolves round music, songs, dances and riddles. The Haitians generally do not have many facilities to enjoy in life, thus these kinds of festivals give them an opportunity to rejoice themselves and get mentally boost up.

Apart from religious festivals there are some non-religious celebrations too in Haiti that gives a mental boost to the Haitians. One of such celebrations is to Take Action. Thus Take Action is a charitable action of distributing clothes and food materials to different houses."