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Hungary Travel Guide
"Hungary is a heart-stealer; it will lure you back again and again to sample its rich wines, lounge in its thermal spas, gaze at its birdlife and make one more attempt to master its hermetic language. It has all the luxury of Western Europe with a Magyar twist and at half the cost.

Its graceful capital Budapest has a lively arts, cafe and music scene, and is host to a range of cultural and sporting festivals. In the countryside you'll find majestic plains, resort-lined lakes, Baroque towns, horse markets and rustic villages."
Festivals Place to Visit Fast Facts
In spring, depending on the moon, Easter is celebrated. This Christian celebration is also respected in Hungary because the dominant religion in this country is the Christian religion. As you may know, it remembers Christs death and ascension. The Hungarians celebrate Easter in the traditional way. After an outside mass, a party is organised. Off course the old habits are respected: wooden eggs (or real ones!) are painted and all girls receive water over them (sign of fecundity and purification).

St Istvans Day
St Istvans Day is very important for the Hungarians because Istvan the 1st was the first catholic king to rule the country. He was a very good king and he was canonised after his death by the Catholic Church. On this day, the Hungarians want to commemorate this first ruler that founded this nation. Traditionally in Budapest, an enormous fire-work is done from the top of Mount Gellrt, normally around 9 pm. During the fire-works, we can see the reflection of the colours in the Danube, which makes a beautiful effect!

Christmas Day
Christmas is celebrated in Hungary because it is a Christian country. Hungarians celebrate also all the other religious celebrations like Easter.