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Mexico Travel Guide
"Mexico is a traveler's paradise, crammed with a multitude of opposing identities: desert landscapes, snow-capped volcanoes, ancient ruins, teeming industrialized cities, time-warped colonial towns, glitzy resorts, deserted beaches and a world-beating collection of flora and fauna.

This mix of modern and traditional, clichd and surreal, is the key to Mexico's charm, whether your passion is throwing back margaritas, listening to howler monkeys, surfing the Mexican Pipeline, scrambling over Mayan ruins or expanding your collection of posable Day of the Dead skeletons."
Festivals Place to Visit Fast Facts
Day of the Dead
"Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) is an ancient Mexican tradition that combines the traditions of the indigenous communities of Mexico with the Catholic traditions brought by the Spanish to the New World. Day of the Dead is observed during November on the 1st and 2nd.
During these days, families celebrate by creating altars to their loved ones, and often they visit the graveyards of their community to spend the night with the spirits of the deceased. In Mexico, the Days of the Dead are not days of mourning; these are days of celebration, and often the folk art of the Day of the Dead mocks death and plays with the idea of death with silly skeletons (calacas or calaveras) or skeletons wearing fancy clothes, the famous Catrina popularized by the Mexican artist Posada."