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Philippines Travel Guide
"With a reputation for being chaotic and corrupt, the Philippines have something of an image problem. But most who make the journey to the 7000-odd islands that comprise the Philippines are pleasantly surprised by their beauty and by the friendliness of the people.

Most of the Philippines is laidback, stable and relatively safe. The locals are an exceptionally helpful bunch and there are fantastic reefs and fish."
Festivals Place to Visit Fast Facts
Feast of Three Kings
"For Centuries, the magical bearers of gifts for Filipino children were the Three Kings, not Santa Claus. Shoes were brightly polished and left on the window sills together with the cleanest socks, fresh from the laundry. The children knew that the Three Kings, on their way to Bethlehem, would pass by their homes to fill their shoes and socks with gifts. Some would thoughtfully leave some straw or dry grass for the camels; if these were gone in the morning, surely the camel must have been terribly hungry.
The Feast of the Three Kings (Araw ng Tatlong Hari) is celebrated on the First Sunday of January. It is also known as the Pasko ng Matatanda (Feast of the Elderly), the day specially honors senior citizens. The feast is also called ""The Epiphany"" which commemorates the manifestation of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi."

Kalibongan Festival
August 14 marks the celebration of the Kalibongan Festival. Kalibongan is a manobo term for a Grand Festival which is celebrated yearly in Kidapawan, Cotabato. The Manobos, Bagobos, and other highland tribes from the different parts of the province go down to Kidapawan to show off and proudly display their tradition and cultural heritage. The natives display thier own version of "party" with a traditional horsefight, a "blood compact" peace ceremony, etc.

Celebrated every third week of September. This thanksgiving festival stems from the belief of the Tboli in a golden age which they call Lem-lunay, a sort of Camelot or paradise which they would like to rebuild for themselves. Each festival is a venue to reenergize the people and renew their vow to work for this coveted state of life. Features the convergence of the 6 major tribes of South Cotabato (Tboli, Ubo, Manobo, Kalagan, Maguindanao, Tasaday) together with representatives from the different tribes in Davao (Tirurays, Mandaya, Surigao tribes, Langilan, Bilaan, Bagog, Mansaka). The festival was originally just a small town fiesta celebrating the feast day of Sta Cruz.

Independence Day
June 12 is the national holiday that commemorates the begining of the First Philippine Republic (1895) and is celebrated throughout the nation with parades, firework displays, concerts and ringing of church bells. A civilian-military parade is staged through the Grand Stand of Rizal Park in Manila.